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Visiting the States on a Budget

So, you’re heading out west on vacation, or maybe taking a business trip. You’ve booked your hotel, you’ve got your airline, and you’ve got your itinerary in order, but you can’t seem to get enough cash to go through the whole trip. Well, fear not, for you’re not alone. Everyone wants to travel, but everyone has the same expenses.

Here are some ways to save money and head out on your adventure without missing out on your vacation.

The airline ticket is one of the most expensive parts of your trip. You’re probably going to need a timeshare, a frequent flyer miles program or perhaps a membership to something like Globalium. There are all sorts of discount programs available where you can earn miles or points for the hotel you stay in as well. Even better, you can often buy gift cards with the points these programs offer. Club hotels, like Marriott or Hilton, will allow you to earn miles towards your stay. Since their business is all about pleasing their customers, they will offer the best accommodations and most convenient way to get to your destination.

The hotel room is probably going to be your largest financial expenditure. You’re probably going to buy your nights lodging, which means you’re going to be satisfying your035 curiosity whether it’s a hotel stay or a suite. It’s probably not cheap, but you will find that it’s worth it. Off-season times, again stay away from the hottest tourist spots during the busiest times of the year. Instead, find a hotel that is just off the main strip. You should be able to find a 4-star hotel that will be just as nice for not nearly as much. Also, many hotels offer packages that will essentially cover your room, meals, and a city tour.

The Once You Get There part of your trip is also something you want to look into. Pick a hotel that is in the heart of everything. This will mean a hotel that is in the center of all the action, right on the sidewalk. You don’t want to be in the middle of all the noise and thus possibly uncomfortable. Pick accommodation that offers free Wi-Fi. This allows you to get on the Internet even while on vacation. It’s a good idea to reserve a hotel that offers free Wifi prior to arrival.

To help with this, search each city in the country that you will be visiting on the Internet. Find many of the top hotels. Then, pick the one that is in the heart of the city’s business district or downtown. It’s also a good idea to search for hotels on the West Coast and South Beach. Beach resorts are likely to be less expensive than those in the city center.

A trip to Hawaii is a good way to start your vacation. Anywhere from one to five days in Hawaii is a fairly inexpensive experience partially because it is not a traditional vacation area. In order to get the most from the trip, however, you will need to rent a car and drive yourself around the islands. The state of Hawaii has beautiful islands. Those that are part of the Hawaiian Islands go off the beaten path naturally making them more expensive than other islands.

Your only real alternative is to fly or drive to the islands. Many people do fly to the Hawaiian Islands or have friends or family there. For those that do not have a lot of extra time, a cruise is a good alternative. A lot of the major cruise ships have a casino on board. There are also cruises that are more affordable.

If you do decide to go to the islands, you will find that you have a lot of options. You can decide to stay on Kauai or Oahu. If you only have a long weekend, you will want to drive down to Kauai and take a day tour of the island. If you have a full week, you have more than enough time to get a continuous tour. However, trips are very popular. You might want to book your trip about three months in advance to get the best options. You will need to pay more if you stay one night.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a great place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Also known as the “Bombtown” of the 1970’s and 80’s, OKC was home to the Sooners, who took an eight year vacation from college and rode the trough with the development of the Interstate. Tourists can now enjoy visiting the roots of this great American Family. The cultural groups abound and more so the music of the city is enjoyed by all. There is a wide variety in that of the sounds of jazz, blues, and symphony. If you are visiting Oklahoma City, there are certain spots you must see, one of which is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Canyon Apartments. This is definitely a cool place to visit. We have been there three times and stayed in there two times.

Once you have seen Oak Canyon you must see some of the other magnificent buildings that Wright likes to call “outhouses” or “apartments”. In Wright’s vision, these were housing sites for working people and they were generally situated in the east side. There are a few of them around town, notably the Regional Education Center and the National Building. So you must see them when you are in this area. When you need directions, there are plenty of gas stations around, but you may prefer to get your bearings from a good bicycling map. Good luck.

Now let’s talk about some of the fine establishments Triangle City has to offer. You can find a great variety in the food and beverage (restaurant and bar) sections. Good chocolates, fine coffee, and even some excellent restaurants. Be sure to eat in the city because there are many communal eating places and you need to be at least semi-friendly with the locals to get better service. Enjoy the city by walking and biking, taking in art galleries and museums, and shopping in funky boutiques. Whatever you do, go to the movies and enjoy the local theater scene.

Getting to OKC

o Downtown is very easy. It has plenty of both restaurants and shopping.

o The Express Bus is a good alternative to renting a car. It goes to the edge of the city in the summer and in the winter it serves as an ice cream cart to go into town. You can get there with the Monrail train from Independence Avenue station. In the winter, it’s a lot quieter than in downtown.

o G Ultimate Tour is a biking tour that takes you to three of Oklahoma’s best nature preserve areas.

o OK Open Carry is a group that hosts a carry party at dangerous locations such as the State Capitol, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, and a tree in downtown. They generally run from what is called the Tom Lee Park to the Tower of Freedom. In OKC, this is a good alternative to visiting the Diamondez Messed Cemetery or the Capitol Mall.

o Innels hitting the floor of the Capitol Mall, you can get a view from the top of the mall and see all of downtown. In OKC, you can also park on the street and walk around the mall.

Other OKC Attractions

o Argosy Gallery is the local artists enclave, with artists only Local OKC artists accept exhibit fees. This is a solid place to shop for locally made jewelry, art, and clothes.

o The Stratosphere Tower is probably the tallest structure in the world, it has a closed sight to the public, but it has an privately fundeded observation deck and puts on regularly.

o misconceptions unique to OKC that target the younger adults or those who live in the cities surrounding it seem to be plentiful. One of these is that OKC is somehow hip and cool and places like frequent OKC Oktoberfest are a regular occurrence. Since this couldn’t be further from the truth, visit OKC in the summer and see how it feels to be a local then take a day trip to one of the other cities nearby.

You won’t be disappointed in OKC if you don’t recognize it. The place is filled with museums, performing arts, offer great OKCourier County attractions and a ton of great coffee.